America’s premiere mandolin quartet playing at the top of its game, great choice of material, superb sound, this recording is guaranteed pure pleasure for anyone who loves quality instrumental music.
– David Balakrishnan, violinist/composer of the Turtle Island Quartet

Between 1980 and 1990 I was the de-facto leader of this ensemble. We set out to prove that the mandolin family of instruments (two mandolins, mandola and mandocello); with its tuning the same as a standard string quartet, deserved a place alongside other chamber music ensemble settings. When I left the group I told the guys ‘Now you better keep this thing happening ‘cause this is really important work here!’ and sure enough they have. This is their second release since those good old days and I salute them all for a job well done. Thank you gentlemen. Bravo!
A great selection of material that blends classical and modern music with the mandolin’s American roots.
Hats Off Guys! for keeping this wonderful group alive and pushing the concept of the mandolin quartet well into the future. Important work for our little instrument.
– Mike Marshall

These 4 musicians have great dedication to their art form and always choose interesting and important repertoire. The rendition of the Dvorak’s American String Quartet seems to fit perfectly for the mandolins. A wonderful recording! Make sure to see them live as well!
– Radim Zenkl, musician,

Americana represents an important milestone in classical music for a mandolin quartet. Their treatment of Philip Glass’ compositions is simply stunning.
A must own for any serious music fan. Few recordings deserve the title of “Landmark” before their release. I’m confident Americana is that project.
Exceptional playing, superb arrangements and a collection of spectacular material from the finest mandolin quartet of all-time.
– Scott Tichenor, site owner of